Research Center on Alternative Theories
(project in development)

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My name is Stephan Bourget, and I am a French Canadian physicist. I'm working on a project I want to realize in a few years. This is still a matter of thought, but I'm looking for a few people who'd share the same vision, and with whom I could develop a plan of action. Perhaps are you such a person. porta potties La Mesa
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I want to develop a research center where all scientists working or wanting to work on alternative, off stream theories could do so freely with all the support and respect they deserve, and without the pressure of outside financing and main publications' acceptance. Fields of research might include exobiology, exoarcheology, scientific creationism, physics, cosmology, biology, computer science, Tesla experiments, UFO and crop circle phenomena, etc.

Research in alternative theories is a main component of progress, either by making main theories stronger if they are right, or by bringing scientific revolution if they are false.

Rather than explaining my whole idea here, please click here if you want to learn about it.

What I'd like to do is to initiate the project with a few partners, and my plan is to involve the community of all those open-minded people around the world who want to support free science, so we can all contribute to this project and help create this Research Center over time.

However, alone I won't go very far. And that's why I'm asking for your help and/or support if you share my vision. I'm really passionate about that and I've dreamed of this project for quite a time now. Do you want to partner with me on this?

Once again, click here for details, or join us directly here.

Best regards,

Stephan Bourget, physicist
Quebec, Canada